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Everything You Need To Know About Roof Shingles Including Installation, Repairs, And Reviews

The roof and it’s shingles. The single most noticed feature of any home at first sight, and the first line of defense from the elements, wind, water and weather. That same roof is also, perhaps surprisingly, one of the most neglected parts of the house, that is until shingles are damaged, worn-out or missing, water is dripping from the sparkling chandelier, you have one or more buckets sitting in the hallway, and the ceiling is water-stained. You need new shingles.

On this website we will cover everything including what roof shingles are made from and made for, simple repairs, installation, finding the right roofing contractor, and roof shingle reviews of major shingle brands.

roof shingles

We want to help you with the basics of roof shingles. The average life cycle of most last from 20 to 30 years. Maybe you have a shingle warranty that will save you a little money but after that it’s game on, it’s up to you, the house owner. Can it wait any longer to fix or repair that roof?

It can be scary, expensive and complicated with so many types, brands and styles to choose from. A decision must be made and the roof should be fixed, hopefully before the next big storm. That’s why we’re here.

Maybe you just need shingles. Let’s look at shingles.

Roofing Repair Or Replacement

The roofing job, Repair or replacement? How do you decide which one? Either way It’s time to do the roof. Can you do it yourself? Should you do it yourself, or hire a contractor? How do you find a good reliable roofing contractor?

Find out here.

Take a look at that roof. You will be able to learn why shingles fail. They curl, bubble and break, blowing away in the wind. Can you get away with replacing a few defective or damaged shingles? How do you do that?

Find out what the signs of pending roofing shingle failure are, and take action before you get wet. What is the real reason your roof gutters are collecting that funny sand, same color as the shingles?

Roofing Care And Maintenance

Proactive roof care is a good thing. To know what to look for before your roof leaks is better than wondering why it is leaking as you dry out the carpets. You will discover how to straighten that crooked roof with strapping. How to avoid the mess and landfill fees for old shingles. Should you leave them on the roof and install steel instead? . Can you install new roofing over the old stuff?

Find out here.

Maybe you just need shingles. Let’s have a look at yours. You will find out what to look for when you have to buy shingles, and what the best types are for your application.

Get Answers To Roofing Questions Like:

Should I buy Steel shingles?

How about slate, shakes, or timeless copper instead?

Is one design of shingle better than others?

How about interlocking?

Do you need ice and water roof edging?

A roofing membrane?

Find The Best Roof Shingles For Your Home

We’ll sort out roofing shingle types from cedar shakes to those beautiful architectural-designer shingles, from ultra-modern steel shingles to slate, copper roofing and everything in between. Which type of roofing is best for your application? Read about them all here.

Down at the building center they have dozens of brands. Which brands are best? We look at them all. Read our reviews of popular brands and compare them.

How about a roof shingle warranty? Is there such a thing as a lifetime warranty? Why are some shingles guaranteed for only 20 years, and others for twice that, or even a lifetime?