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About Us

Jim Bessey

Jim Bessey’s articles reflect nearly 30 years of residential construction experience. As a lead carpenter and contractor, Jim has done everything from creating blueprints to framing houses and climbing ladders for roofing and siding projects.

His firm, D’Zyne Construction, built garages, pole buildings, additions and custom homes in the 80s and 90s. Before his 30th birthday, Jim designed and constructed a 3,000 square-foot classic Queen Anne Victorian for his family. Since then, he has specialized in kitchen and bathroom renovation.

Jim’s hands-on experience spans plumbing, electrical, carpentry, and ceramic tile installations. He spends his days creating new bathrooms and kitchens. In his spare time, Jim writes informative and entertaining articles about his construction adventures.

Raymond Kukkee

Raymond is a freelance writer and home builder with diverse experience in construction, contracting, all phases of home building, carpentry, renovation and DIY projects ranging from retaining walls to masonry, and framing to finishing.